a little about me

According to my five year old, these are the things that I should tell you about myself:
- I make pictures.
- I am good at making people feel better.
- I like to paint toenails (that's debatable).

But I'll add a few things of my own:
- I love Target.
- I have a borderline unhealthy love for 90's boy bands.
- I will always order my coffee iced (even in subzero weather).
- A good rom-com or a re-run of "I Love Lucy" will always be my go-to
- I love feng shui (I also love my super-patient husband who deals with the furniture moving on a weekly basis).

But just to add a few more details...
I am your everyday small-town girl with big ambitions. At the same time, I'm a mom, I'm a wife, and still I have a house that needs to stay standing and a life that needs to be lived. Most days, you can find me with a messy bun, worn-out sandals that I refuse to throw away, and cold coffee in my hand-- because who really has the time to drink it warm?!

A quick background...
Mixing creativity with media was always my thing, so when I went to college, it was a no-brainer for me to study Media Production and Graphic Design. I started working various media jobs, and realized quickly that I had to bust my butt for any ounce of success. That said, before age 22, I had already racked up a resume that included jobs at ESPNNBC Olympics and Zappos.com, to name a few.

But in the midst of killin' it as a young professional (not-so-humble brag), I did this little thing called "falling in love," and moved to Germany with my husband and his military career. I desperately tried to find my professional groove again-- which included short-lived stints as grad school student, bartender, painter, and nautical-themed online store owner. After tons of soul-searching (and wine!), I circled back to my graphic design background, and built an online business that I can take anywhere in the world.

The mission of this website...
It is my goal to both inspire and educate my ambitious sisters looking to pave the way for both their personal and/or career dreams. It is also my goal to keep it real. Because in the midst of pursuing dreams and crushing goals, life happens. I'm here to share my experiences and help you find your balance in the beautiful chaos.